Various logos for freelance clients, spanning the past five years.

Bench Clearers

Friends of friends reached out to create a custom logo for their successful hockey-jerseys-except-tanktops business that took off in the summer of 2018. Pick one up here.

August 2018

Woodland Hills Youth Group

A logo for the kids of Woodland Hills, who taught me a lot from 2011–2015. I’m proud to have been their youth minister (and found every excuse to create junk for them).

January 2013
One Word Project

Designed for a ministry in Nashville. A book series for students. Randomly, my in-laws used this material in church and found my name on the inside cover. Small world.

February 2016

Clues Bros.

Logo for the mobile escape room company, ran by the Jenkins brothers in middle Tennessee. The design was created to quickly adjust to the variety of games offered.

March 2016