The NBA MVP Project

Designing AND writing for ESPN dot com

I partnered with the insanely-talented Tom Haberstroh on an original concept for ESPN where we predicted the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. The initial research revealed that all MVPs had been All-Stars, were drafted in the top 15 and held a PER of 18.5 the season prior to winning the honor. I brought in Tom to find some other common factors and we whittled down the list to a few strong candidates. 

This project was one of my proudest moments, despite being compeltely wrong in the end and catching a lot of heat from people in corner offices who felt the experience was poorly designed. If I could do it all over again, I’d have pushed harder for James Harden; but other than that, I’d keep it the exact same. Editorial support from Matt Wong. Overseen by AD Luke Knox.
October 2017